A Year in the Mianus River Gorge (2016)

A Year in the Mianus River Gorge (2016)

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"In 2013, in order to commemorate the 60th anniversary of its founding, the Mianus River Gorge gave renowned photographer William Abranowicz unrestricted access to the Gorge over the course of a year.

The results have surprised and delighted all who have seen them. The Gorge is always closed in winter (to protect the soils and trails and allow for undisturbed research) so Bill’s photographs enable readers who are already familiar with the Gorge a chance to see it in this season — when the frozen trails crunch underfoot and the ice-covered river meanders through the deep hemlock valley. They also givereaders who have never visited the Gorge a real sense of what it is like to walk in this protected place, a place of rushing water, abundant wildlife and, of course, ancient trees.

Here is what the Anables saw when they first stumbled upon this pristine forest and drew inspiration for the first project of the Nature Conservancy. Here is what Chief Mayanos saw as he traveled back and forth along the river. These photographs capture both the strength and the fragility of the Gorge’s ecosystems: the giant glacial erratics and the delicate plant life and soils. They show the many sides and seasons of a place that deserved to be protected — and will continue to be. All proceeds from book sales will go to supporting the Mianus River Gorge. Please enjoy this book and please come visit the Gorge."

- From the Mianus River Gorge Website

Special Boxed Edition includes box slipcase and one 8 x 10 print. Both book and print signed by William Abranowicz. 

Book designed by David Skolkin.

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