The Greek File: Images from a Mythic Land

The Greek File: Images from a Mythic Land


A stunning collection by William Abranowicz, The Greek File captures the essence of Greece-an alluring country where life itself is stripped down to its most essential components and the ordinary becomes extraordinary. From a single white cloud floating in a clear sky to a wrinkled linen shirt drying in the sun to shores dotted with throngs of buildings like pebbles washed in from the sea, Abranowicz's work elevates simple everyday objects to objects of austere beauty. These photographs capture the many facets of the Greek islands: their serenity, exceptional light, and arresting art and architecture.

Just as Abranowicz reveals the beauty of Greece through imagery, so too does world-renowned author and scholar Edmund Keeley unveil the subtle poetry of this Hellenic paradise. With an introduction by Keeley as well as an excerpt from The Colussus of Maroussi by Henry Miller, this elegantly designed volume is both a visual and literary treasure that is as rich and enchanting as the country it portrays.

"Abranowicz has taken advantage of the spectacular Aegean light to create wonderfully luminous photographs filled with a serenity that is quintessential Greece. This is a wonderful book." — Tom Baril, author of Botanica

"Bill Abranowicz, like all great travelers, seems on intimate terms with his subject, no matter how foreign. This book is full of details, exquisitely rendered, that together provide a charming, contemporary portrait of one of Western civilization's most enduring cultures. The Greek File shows a place and a people as they really are. Still, there is magic in these images. Abranowicz is easily one of the world's best photographers and just possibly one of its most lyrical poets." — Thomas J. Wallace, Editor-in-Chief, Condé Nast Traveler

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